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As the owners of KitchenArt , Bill Doherty and German master cabinetmaker, Jochen Schuele knows how to balance form and function with his high-end cabinet designs. Their Edmonton-based company is dedicated to bringing clients quality cabinets without extra charges. KitchenArt is where customizing doesn't mean more money. "We don't do stock cutting, so for us it's no extra work. We cut everything once we have the custom plan," Jochen Schuele says, adding that he visits the clients at their home to personalize the design.

KitchenArt works with customers to design a perfect layout from scratch - at no up-charge. The company sources materials from local suppliers, which translates to superior products without a lengthy wait for shipping. From kitchens to closets, KitchenArt. has access to a wide array of products and special finishes. Schuele's workmanship leaves a lasting impression. The 25-year veteran master cabinetmaker, which is the highest qualification for woodworkers, spent years in Germany perfecting his craft before moving to Canada. "In Germany, If you are a cabinetmaker you can do anything," he says. Master cabinetmakers are certified journeymen before working as shop foremen and finally applying for a three year program to become masters. His knowledge and versatility is unmatched in the business. If you can imagine it, Jochen Schuele can build it. "There's no limitation when it comes to custom cabinets," Jochen Schuele asserts. With the help of business partners, Bettina Woerner and Bill Doherty, Bettina Woerner does KitchenArt's design and also the finishing; she's a partner in the company and does the designing of the measurement from Jochen or Bill. Jochen Schuele has the flexibility to accommodate clients' schedules to build products reflective of their personal tastes and needs. KitchenArt is your one-stop shop for full-service renovations, from demolition to design and installation. The company has relationships with superb tradesmen Including electricians, plumbers, painters and interior designers to ensure your transition is as seamless as possible.

We can accommodate every budget but are keen on supporting local businesses, can rest easy knowing their project is in the hands of an expert with KitchenArt

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Our Team

Jochen Schuele

Jochen Schuele

He is a 25 year veteran master cabinet maker, trained in Germany, before moving to Canada. Master Cabinet Maker are certified journeymen. His knowledge and versatility is unmatched in the business.

Bill Doherty

Bill Doherty

Bill has over 16 years of kitchen renovation experience and more than 500 kitchen installs. With skills ranging from painting and flooring to tile backsplashes and kitchen refaces, he is a great complement to partner Jochen's skills.